Installing the Wilberforce Snorkel

Installing the Wilberforce Snorkel is a task best suited to someone with automotive experience, not a task suitable for someone who hasn't worked on cars. There are clips that need to be taken off nicely to avoid damage to paint work, and the bonnet needs to be removed.

This job generally takes around 90 minutes.

  1. Remove the bonnet

When removing the bonnet, be careful of the paintwork on the bonnet, and on the panel that surrounds the wiper blades. Mark around the hinge before undoing the bolts, to make it easier to reinstall later.

  1. Remove the Wipers

  1. Remove the painted panel around the wipers

For this, remove the black plastic clips along the front.

Note that the below image shows a clip on each side of this panel. This is easiest popped out by lifting the panel from the windscreen side near the sides.

  1. Remove the painted panel

There is a screw in the door jam holding this on, as well as 2 bolts in the engine bar. There are also two clips under it, which holds it in place, attaching to the black plastic piece in the below picture. This is easiest unclipped with a flathead screwdriver pushed in underneath the panel from the side, near the front. Recommended to put some tape or a rag on the guard to protect the paint.

This black plastic piece can then be removed too.

  1. Double Sided Tape

It's recommended to apply some thick double-sided tape to the pillar at this stage. Please clean the contact area of the snorkel, too, with white spirits, brake cleaner etc.

  1. Install the snorkel

The two long bolts provided are for the bolt holes in the image below. The rear one has a thread already, the front one needs a washer and nut on the inside.

The two mounting holes on the inside are similar, one just needs one of the provided bolts, and one needs the black plastic clip that came out of that hole. Note that the clip you need here is smaller than the others that you have, the larger ones are for the panel that goes over this.

  1. Install the intake pipe with the provided hose clamps, as shown below.

The other option is to shorten the factory intake pipe like the image below...

  1. Install the painted panel that surrounds the wiper blades.

See the image below, the drivers side needs to clip in first, and note the two clips - the white round clip, and the plastic piece that clips into the metal hook you can see in the image below. Then the passengers side clip pops in easily. Put the plastic clips back in, and then the wipers back on.

  1. Put the bonnet back on

You need to line the bonnet back up to where it was. Line it up with the marks you drew earlier on. Also try to ensure the bolt head covers the area around the bolt that has no paint, as this is a great way to line up the bonnet to where it was.


If you have any questions about this install, please feel free to email or call me direct (0274918844).

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