Installing the Jimny Rear Ladder

Installing our ladder is quick and easy, but a few tips can make it much easier.

We've included some foam pads to ensure your paint doesn't get scratched and no drilling is required.

1. Apply padding to the mounts

Try and get the padding right in to the corners, an old eftpos card (or similar) can make this easier.  

2. Assemble the ladder

Above shows how the ladder is assembled. Assemble everything except for the bottom bracket. Don't tighten the top brackets just yet.

Note that the bottom step has two mounting holes on the bottom.

3. Mounting

Once the ladder is all together (excluding the bottom bracket), line the top mounts up to the top of your rear door. Once these mounts are sitting in the right place on the door, tighten the mounts to the ladder. 

Finally, mount the bottom bracket. This will pull the ladder downwards and hold it tightly in place.  It looks like the ladder is too short, or that the bolts are too short, but they are not. This may take two people to pull the bottom bracket up to the ladder, this takes a good pull. This needs to be tight, to avoid any movement once installed.

As always, if you have any questions at all, please CONTACT US.

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